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CPT 40-Day weights & health inspections 2024

Last week the first 40-day weights and health inspections of the season were carried out on our two CPT (Central Progeny Test) farms.

As well as recording a weight for all CPT ewes and lambs (these lambs ranged between 20-65 days of age), a health inspection was also carried out, which includes;

  • Dag score
  • Body Condition Score (BCS)
  • Incidences of lameness
  • and Mastitis.

Over 2,300 ewes and lambs were weighed, BCS, dag scored and any incidences of lameness and mastitis were recorded via the Sheep Ireland LambPlus App.

Sheep Ireland will continue collecting 40-day weights in the next two weeks to ensure all late lambing ewes are weighed within the correct bracket.

These health results are currently being used in the Health Index, which is part of both the Replacement and Terminal Index.

We encourage LambPlus breeders to carry out at least one, if not two Health Inspections every year. The ideal time to do health inspections is when you are weighing your lambs, particularly at weaning and mating. The health inspection can be recorded using the LambPlus App, as well as on the website.

Check this video about the work done:

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