These tables are designed to aid breeders in selecting the best time to weigh their LambPlus lambs. As part of the LambPlus programme breeders are asked to record at least 3 weights for their lambs after lambing at 3 defined points in time as outlined below (Breeders are however free to record as many weights as they wish). Each of these weights will then work towards improving the flocks accuracy percentage (Acc %) and therefore making the evaluations reflect the performance of the animals on the ground more accurately.

Note: All lambs DO NOT need to be weighed when they are exactly 40, 100 or 150 days of age. If lambs are weighed  between the parameters outlined below in table 1, the Sheep Ireland database will be able to predict the weight of the animal at age.

Table: 1

WeighingPossible Age Range
40 Day Weight Between 20 - 65 days of age
Weaning weight (100 Day)Between 66 - 120 days of age
Scanning Weight (150 Day)Between 121 - 180 days of age

Table 2 can be used as a guideline as to when the best time to weigh your lambs. Simply select the date your first lamb was born then take note of the three dates by which this lamb should have the three required weights recorded at by the latest. This table should be used in combination with table one. For flocks with a spread out lambing pattern (ie over two months) then they will need to record their lambs 40 day weights on two different days to ensure the lambs are the correct age at weighing time.

Table: 2

Important Weight dates

This table can be referenced by LambPlus breeders to work out the best time to weigh their lambs. The first column displays the lambing date of the first lamb. The dates displayed under each of the weight categories is the last date possible for this lamb to be weighed and still fit into this category.
Lambing Date
40 Day Weight
20 - 65 days
Weaning Weight
66 - 120 days
Scanning Weight
121 - 180 days
25th December28th February23rd April22nd June
1st January6th March30th April29th June
8th January13th March7th May6th July
15th January20th March14th May13th July
22nd January27th March21st May20th July
29th January3rd April28th May27th July
5th February10th April4th June3rd August
12th February17th April11th June10th August
19th February24th April18th June17th August
26th February1st May25th June24th August
4th March8th May2nd July31st August
11th March15th May9th July7th September
18th March22nd May16th July14th September
25th March29th May23rd July21st September
1st April5th June30th July28th September
8th April12th June6th August5th October
15th April19th June13th August12th October
22nd April26th June20th August19th October
29th April3rd July27th August26th October

All LambPlus breeders have received pocket Lambing Notebooks. On page 54 you will see there is a section to record lamb weights as they are recorded. All breeders can then record these weights on-line and only breeders that selected paper recording can send their weights to Sheep Ireland to have the weights entered by Sheep Ireland staff. You can print of more Weight Recording Sheets here.