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Sheep Ireland ISO Accredited!

To ensure that quality management standards are implemented within the organisation, Sheep Ireland were audited by an International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) auditor this week and were awarded ISO approved status. Sheep Ireland have worked hard to update the Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure  customer’s requirements are met. QMS is internationally recognized as the worlds leading quality management standard. It ensures that statutory and regulatory requirements are met while providing excellence in customer service.

What does ISO approved mean for Sheep Ireland’s breeders?

Becoming ISO approved identifies that the procedures and policies set in place in our QMS consistently and efficiently  fulfill our customers requirements to the highest quality of practice. Breeders and potential new breeders can reassuringly sign-up for Sheep Ireland’s’ LambPlus programme knowing the standard operating procedures carried out in Sheep Ireland are done so to the highest quality, comparing on a international scale, meaning how services are provided are quality approved.


Looking to sign-up to LambPlus 2019? Click here to find out WHY you should join and to also download the sign-up form.