You are currently viewing Sheep Ireland Sale Happening tomorrow!

Sheep Ireland Sale Happening tomorrow!

The LambPlus Elite, Multi-Breed €urostar Ram Sale is happening tomorrow Sat Aug 27th is Irelands largest catalogued ram sale with 423 rams catalogued (click link to this catalogue here). The sale takes place in Tullamore Mart with selling commencing from 11:30am. Viewing from 9:30am. Ram transport for customers will be facilitated by a number of willing ram sellers attending the sale on the day. A list of ram sellers willing to transport rams for buyers is included at the start of the sales catalogue.

This sale is the largest ever catalogued ram sale in Ireland. Every ram entered must be genotyped and DNA sire verified. As well as this, they must be a 5-star on either the Replacement or Terminal indexes. This means that every animal in this sale will be in the top 20% of their breed based on our genetic analysis.

This is a very attractive sale for commercial farmers as they can purchase several rams from different breeds all on the same day and have the assurance that they are getting some of the best genetics the breed has to offer. The number of return customers is growing each year and we look forward to seeing some new customers in 2022.

Ring 1:
• Belclare 57 rams (selling start time – 11.30am)
• Lleyn 12 rams (approx selling start time – 12.50pm)
• Border Leicester 2 rams (approx selling start time – 1.10pm)
• Rouge de l’Ouest 9 (approx selling start time – 1.15pm)
• Vendeen 32 (approx selling start time – 1.35pm)
• Charollais 107 (approx selling start time – 2.20)

Ring 2:
• Suffolk 64 (Start start time – 11.30am)
• Hampshire Down 9 (approx selling start time -1pm)
• Texel 131 (approx selling start time – 1.15pm)

These breed selling start times are best estimates only! We encourage buyers to present at the mart in advance of these estimated times to avoid disappointment.

Online Bidding available & preferred. Potential buyers should register with Tullamore Mart on ‘Livestock Live’ in advance of the sale