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Weekly Update 07/08/2015

Premier ram sales

These sales continue to take place around the country. Last week both the Charollais and Belclare sales took place with significant interest in €uroStar evaluations noticeable in both sales. This coming Saturday (Aug 8th) see’s the Suffolk society premier sale take place in Roscrea. The majority of entries in this sale are performance recorded and will have €uroStar evaluations on display within the sales catalogue. This is the case with all breeds at this stage which is extremely encouraging for Irish commercial farmers.

Expanding the use of the Sheep Ireland catalogue

Incorporating the €uroStars into sales catalogues may sound like a straight forward process – where breed socities are not using the Sheep Ireland catalogue generator this genetic evaluation information is not easily incorporated. The Rouge society are using the Sheep Ireland catalogue for the first time this year. Again this is great for commercial sheep farmers interested in making use of the €uroStar information for this breed on the day of sale. We hope to facilitate the Irish Beltex society to so same for their upcoming Premier sale. The Sheep Ireland catalogue generator is a fantastic tool and we want to as many breed societies as possible to make use of it.

Sheep Ireland Multibreed ram sale

The closing date for the Sheep Ireland ram sale has now passed. Entries are in and are at similar levels to last year which is where we expected. We are now checking through all entries to ensure they are adhering to the minimum sale criteria of 5 Star on the Replacement or Terminal Index with a minimum of 30% accuracy for that Index. Of course all breeders entering the sale need to have carried out the Ultrasound scanning for muscle and backfat also. There is no animal entry fee for this sale, the reason being that this sale is reward or showcase for performance recording breeders involved in the Sheep Ireland programme. Carrying out the Ultrasound scanning is a significant cost for performance recording breeders and we want to acknowledge that fact by not implementing entry fees. For last years sales report please click here

Upcoming breed premier sales

Suffolk – Sat 8th August – Roscrea
Rouge – Wed 12th August – Tullamore
Texel – Sat 15th August – Blessington
Sheep Ireland Multibreed sale – Sat 22nd August – Tullamore
Beltex – Wed 19th August – Tullamore
Lleyn – Sat 5th Sept – Roscrea. Sat 19th Sept – Roscommon