Weekly Update: 14/07/17

OVIGEN – Genomic Results Screens have been launched

In recent weeks we have launched our new Genomic Results screen. This screen will display initial parentage verification results for breeders that participated in the OVIGEN research project as well as for breeders that have ordered DNA sampling kits from our Genomic Ordering screens. Parentage results will be made available in the coming months for flocks that have ordered samples via our new screens as these are now currently being processed. We previously circulated Parentage reports to OVIGEN participants at the beginning of the year and due to the positive feedback we received, we decided to keep this screen of similar format, which hopefully breeders will find easy to use. We would like to advise breeders to take the time to look over their results, especially where there is an occurrence of a sire/dam mismatch. If breeders can suggest a possible parent for these animals we would ask you to contact us.

Teagasc BETTER Farm Lowland Sheep Walks

  • Teagasc recently held a BETTER Farm Sheep event on the farm of Tomas O’Leary in Kerry this week. This proved to be a hugely informative event and covered topics on breeding, grassland management and lamb performance. These farmers collect similar records to that of our CPT flocks and this commercial data feeds into our Genetic evaluation which helps in validating the Euro-stars.
  • The second BETTER Farm Sheep event takes place in Leitrim, next Wednesday 19th July on the farm of John O’Connell.
  • The third BETTER Farm Sheep event takes place on 26th July on the farm of Brian Nicholson, Tullyvolty, Johnstown, Co. Kilkenny. Brian Nicholson is also a CPT Farmer and Sheep Ireland personnel will be in attendance at the event on Brian’s farm to take any questions LambPlus breeders may have.
  • For more info on the upcoming events please click here.

Pictures below from Tomas O’Leary’s farm walk