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Why and how to record Lamb Vigour?

Lambing season is in full swing and LambPlus breeders are recording lambing information that will contribute to their flock’s genetic evaluations.

Recording how quick a lamb is to get up and suckle its mother is very important.

Lamb Vigour is highly correlated to Lambing difficulty and Lamb survival, two key traits in the €uroStar indexes.

This means by selecting for lamb Vigour, we will also be selecting for greater lambing ease and lamb survival at the same time.

The trait is recorded on a 5 point scale. See Table below and watch the video on how to determine the score:

Lamb VigourDescription
1. Very PoorLamb still not standing after 60 minutes
2. PoorStanding within 60 minutes
3. AverageStanding within 30 minutes
4. GoodStanding within 10 minutes
5. Very GoodStanding within 5 minutes


When recording the lambing event, once you are in the lamb’s information tab, just click on the drop-down menu and select the correct score: