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Mating Screens

To record a mating go to the Management Menu at the top of your Sheep Ireland Profile and Select “Mating”.

Step 1: Find and select the rams that were used to mate with the ewes in your flock this year (Both through AI and Natural Service) using the animal search box. Rams can be searched for by their Name, NSIS or Pedigree ID.

Step 2: Once you have found the ram you are looking for, click on the Select button to the right hand side of the ram and he should then move up to the top of the screen.

Step 1 & 2
Figure 1: Step 1 & 2


Step 3: Once the team of rams has been selected you can then record both AI and Natural Serves from that ram by clicking on the relevant option.


Figure 2: Step 3
Figure 2: Step 3


Step 4:  Enter the date the ram was introduced to the ewes or enter the specific date a ewe was mated using the pop-up calender.

Step 5: Ewes can be search for using the animal seach box using partial id’s.

Step 6: Once the correct ewe(s) have been identified just click in the corresponding box on the right hand side to record the serve.

Step 4,5 & 6


To view recorded matings go to the mating homepage and they can be accessed by clicking on “View x recorded matings(s)” as displayed below.

Step 7


To view a ewes historic mating history or to DELETE an incorrect serve, click on the ewes ID and click on the Mating tab at the top of the screen.

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