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Weekly Update: 16/10/2015

CPT Update

There has been almost 1,500 commercial CPT ewes AI’d over the past 5 days, with 3 more days of AI left to do. The big challenge in the CPT is to ensure that each flock gets at least two rams from each breed, so they can be compared to a contempory group of animals and that there is an even balance of breeds used across the flocks. Some of the rams that were entered into the CPT will be ready to go home from today, as they have fulfilled their quota regards number of ewes they have been put across. They have successfully supplied semen to be frozen for breeders (where possible).

We had a group of Vet students visit the CPT Ram shed this week to see how the rams are teased, how the semen is collected and analysed. You can see a ram being trained to jump in the background in the picture below.