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40 Day Weights collected on the CPT Flocks

Over the past number of days Sheep Ireland have been visiting the Central Progeny Test flocks to capture lambs 40 day weights. All CPT ewes and lambs have been weighed over the past few days. All animals were also scored for Lameness, Dagginess, Condition score and ewes were checked for mastitis. The option to record all these trait are now available to all LambPlus breeders through their LambPlus accounts and we encourage as many breeders as possible to record these traits.

Weights: Below is the breakdown of the ADG across the different birth ranks on the CPT farm of James Naper from Oldcastle, Co. Meath. Lambs were on average 16.2kg at 40 days of age which works out as 0.293kg per day.

Birth Rank40 Day WeightADG

Lamness: 10.0% of lambs were recorded with some degree of lameness on the day and lame lambs were on average 1.6kg lighter at 40 days of age showing just how important that we start to record this trait on a more widespread basis (ie LambPlus breeders). This can be done using the health tab and you can find out more about that here.

Dagginess: Lambs that were recorded with dags (Score 1, 2 & 3; 16% of lambs) averaged 15.3kg while lambs that were scored as clean (Score 4 & 5) averaged 16.4kg. We have found dagginess to be a heritable trait therefore we will soon be able to select breeding stock that will remain cleaner throughout the year as well as having increase ADG.

To see how to record health traits on your flock Click here.



To see some photos of the day check out our facebook page at the link below