Help: Genomic Services

Please use the below information as a guide as to how you can put a genotyping order in for animals present in your flock.

  1. Filter your flock as you need to by using the search box or the radio buttons listed. E.g. if you wanted to search for Texel’s born in 2015 that had samples already taken, put 2015 TX in the search box along with selecting the ‘sample in storage’ radio button.
  2. The second thing you should do is select the animals you wish to genotype.
  3. Once you are happy you can move to the checkout.


At this point you can remove an animal from your order if necessary by clicking the remove button.

If you wish to go back to the ordering screen and select more animals click the back button at the top right of the page.

If you are happy with the order you can proceed to the next screen.

The next screen will give you the option of adding a tagger to your order. Please be advised only the above tagger is compatible with the tissue tags we are issuing through the tag provider. For more info on the tagger please click here.

Again you can still go back to the previous page by clicking the back button.

Select whichever option is applicable.

This is the final screen where you can approve your order, please make sure your order is correct before proceeding.

Proceed to enter your bank card information. We accept visa and mastercard currently.

If for some reason you are unable to pay at this point or if you leave the page your order can still be retrieved.

Once you go back to the Genomic Services page click on the ‘review your orders’ button shown circled below.

Click on the order ID link.

At this point you can proceed to pay for the order or cancel it. Please note you will be unable to select an animal you already have an order in for. If you need to amend your order at this stage, we suggest you cancel the order and begin the process again or proceed with this order and place a new one if needs be.

Tracking an order you have placed via the ordering screen

Once you have placed an order you can go to the review your orders button on the right hand side of the Genomics Ordering Screen.

Click on the Order ID.

The following statuses may be visible:

  • In Process: Sample received by Sheep Ireland and is temporarily in storage, we are waiting to send it to the lab
  • Ordered: We’re waiting for the Farmer to send us the sample
  • Resample Needed: We sent the sample to lab but it failed the call rate — Farmer should reorder  this Animal’s genotype
  • Genotyped: Lab results came back and the Animal is now genotyped

Once the status appears as Resample needed/genotyped, the full results of these animals will be visible on the results page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some of my sheep appearing as ineligible?

Only animals that have a valid NSIS (department number) will be eligible for genotyping. Please note that the EID will be the number on the DNA tag that will be sent to you.


Sheep that require a ‘resample’

  • No charge for genotype and no charge for DNA tag
  • *Note on DNA tag requirement – Sheep Ireland has a large number of DNA samples from 2015 born sheep in storage. Where a sample is in storage with Sheep Ireland, it is not necessary to order a DNA tag. Where a DNA sample is in storage, this will be clearly identified by Sheep Ireland during the genotype ordering process.


What do the warning symbols mean?

I bought a ewe last year why can’t I find her on the Genomics Ordering Screen?

In order for this screen to work to the best of its ability it is essential that breeders keep their inventory up to date. In order for sheep to appear on this screen the animals need to be added to the inventory promptly after purchasing.

I share a ram with another breeder, who pays for the genotyping?

This needs to be agreed and decided by all parties involved. The ram will need to be moved into the relevant flock before paying for the genotyping sample. Please note the genotype results will be displayed in whichever flock the ram is present in.