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CPT Replacement Ewe Selection

CPT farmers are busy selecting replacements for their flocks at the moment. As part of the CPT programme farmers are required to keep a percentage of ewes from each CPT sire used on the farm. This will help Sheep Ireland to collect maternal data for the sires as the ewes start lambing down. These ewes will hopefully be in the flock for the next 5 to 6 years and contribute a significant amount of data to the genetic evaluations. At the beginning of the selection process, the replacement €urostar rating should be looked at as well as the sub-indexes that make up the overall replacement index. These sub-indexes include survivability, number of lambs and daughters milk. The ratings of these indexes of ewe lambs is very important to consider when these replacements are being selected. Lambing difficulty, mothering ability and lamb vigour are also factors that should be considered when selecting your replacements ewes. The physical correctness of ewe lambs is also a vital tool to use in the selection process. A healthy-looking lamb who is bright and alert with good BCS relative to age and physical soundness should be sought after. Their teeth and mouth should also be examined and free from any defects.