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Central Progeny Testing – Sponging 2021

Over 1000 ewes have been sponged this week with ewes being AI’d over the next two weeks in all four CPT flocks.

Ewes are being prepared across CPT farms with pre-mating ewe mature weights being collected along with health inspections such as incidences as lameness.

AI ram panels are now finalized for most breeds, with some late selection decisions to be made on a minority of rams. The Central Progeny Test while operated by Sheep Ireland, is a programme which hugely benefits all breeds which participate. The CPT helps these breeds to maximise their genetic potential which ultimately will help their long term contribution to Irish sheep farmers.

At present the CPT rams are being assembled in our usual base in Lyons Estate on the UCD farm. Rams will be quarantined here for a period of time and given thorough inspection by our vet before being trained to jump and provide semen for AI. This week we have also been busy training our CPT rams to provide semen for AI. In order to facilitate efficient fresh semen AI each day on farm, it is critical that all rams are adequately trained and familiar with providing semen. So far all rams have taken well to training and semen quality has been extremely good.