You are currently viewing WATCH: How to record lambing using the Sheep Ireland App!

WATCH: How to record lambing using the Sheep Ireland App!

Using the App to record lambing information is quick and easy and removes extra work that is required if recording on paper. You can also use the app to record mating’s, pregnancy scans, weights and inspections on your animals. Recording inspections during the lambing period for events such as mastitis and prolapse in your flock is very important as health data is incorporated into the genetic evaluations. The username and password credentials used to log into the website can be used logging into the LambPlus app!

Want to to know how to use the LambPlus app and why LambPlus breeders should use it to performance record? see below video

Follow these simple steps to record a lambing event on the App! see below video

Want to see the app in action on farm? see demonstration below

In the video below, Sheep Ireland’s Eamon Wall demonstrates step-by-step how to record lambing events on the Sheep Ireland App.

Want to Trial the App?

The LambPlus App is available for FREE DOWNLOAD on the App store. This demo will allow non-LambPlus members to trial the app before joining LambPlus. Once the App is downloaded, it will ask for your username and password. Use the username ‘demo’ and the password ‘demo’ to get logged in. Once you are logged in, you can now begin trialing the App on a flock! This demo flock gives breeders a chance to get a taste of how easy recording essential information on their animals is. The app can be used on any android or IOS smartphone, as well as tablets.

To get further instructions on using the app and frequently asked questions click here