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Have you genotyped your stock rams?

LambPlus breeders should now be genotyping their stock rams purchased and used this breeding season. Genotyping of stock rams is very important as unfortunately rams may die, and having a verified DNA sample from your ram on the Sheep Ireland database will ensure that any of his lambs be sire verified in the future provided the progeny are genotyped themselves. More importantly, stock rams need to be genotyped under the compulsory stock ram genotyping term in the LambPlus programme. Lambs born in 2023 from a sire that is not genotyped will receive no €urostars! DNA verified rams gives breeders re-assurance when purchasing progeny from him in the future. Once a ram is genotyped he is genotyped for life, even if he is dead any progeny he produced will be able to sire verified provided the lambs themselves are genotyped also.

To find out how to genotype ram semen CLICK HERE

Read below on how to order genotypes on the Sheep Ireland website and CLICK HERE to view genotype tagger specification

Any stock rams purchased should be moved into the current owners inventory to enable ordering a genotype for that ram. To find out how to use the Sheep Ireland movement screen CLICK HERE.

For more information on how to use these exciting new screens please contact Sheep Ireland on 023 8820451 or email on [email protected]