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New Pregnancy Report Available!

Sheep Ireland have launched a new pregnancy scanning report following the recent update to the DQI with addition of pregnancy scanning now accounting for a percentage of a LambPlus breeders overall DQI. This report is very useful in determining how many embryos ewes have which will then determine the management and nutrition plan of ewe’s in the latter stages of pregnancy. Recording the number of embryos and comparing this to the number of lambs born will give indication of the rate of embryonic loss and allow a breeding value to be developed in the future. You will have the ability to see the level of barren ewes as well as the percentage of each birth rank on the report.

Once you log into your Sheep Ireland account, go to ‘Reports’ then go to ‘Pregnancy Report’ as seen the first image below. Once you are on the pregnancy scanning report screen, you can select for:

Step 1: Select the scan year – a breeder can select a given year they want a pregnancy scanning report generated for

Step 2: Breed–  if a breeder is performance recording a number of breeds this is very useful in looking at a particular breed

Step 3: Birth year  – this is useful if a breeder wants to look at a particular group of ewes within a year eg hoggets vs mature ewes

Step 4: Pregnancy scan – breeders can select for barren, singles, twins, triplets or unaccounted for ewes

Step 5: Scanning dates can be applied  – applying scanning dates allows a breeder to look at a specific scan period, eg in a given year (1st Jan – 31st Dec 2018 = all weights in 2018) or in a given scan date then the same date can be applied for both scan date fields (1st Jan – 1st Jan = all weight done on the 1st January).  All the data is also available to download into excel from your own profile when your at the computer

Step 6: The download option is on the top right of the screen, as can be seen in images in step 6. The average percentage of barren ewes, ewes with singles, twins, triplets and any ewe that has 4 plus lambs in her litter is displayed for the time period you have selected. When you initially go to your weight report screen, the overall flock percentage average barren ewe number, average percentage of ewes with singles, twins, triplets and any ewe that has 4 plus lambs in her litter will be displayed so it is very important to select the relevant filters for what you want to see.

It is very quick to record all pregnancy scanning data via the LambPlus App which is available for download on IOS and android devices.

Click here to find out how to record your pregnancy scanning and why it is important.

For more information on how to record your pregnancy scanning information please contact Sheep Ireland on 023 8820451 or email on [email protected]