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Record 40 Day & 100 Day Weights today!

Lambs born in mid to late February are now at the correct age to record a 40 day weight, the age bracket to record a 40 day weight is between 20 and 65 days of age. Breeders with lambs born in the first week of February still have time to record a 40 day weight but this will need to be recorded in the next few days to avoid missing out on valuable DQI marks. Click here to read more about the DQI and why it is important. Using the LambPlus App to record weights makes recording more convenient with information being uploaded to the database instantly.

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December and January born lambs are now in the 100 day weight bracket (between 66 – 120 days old) as can been seen on the LambPlus data recording timeline below. While it is important to record a 40, 100 and 150 day weight for each lamb it is also very important that this data is uploaded to the Sheep Ireland database in a timely fashion, ideally within two weeks of recording.