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Sheep Ireland Ram Sale Report period 2016–2022

On the 30th of August, a detailed ram sale report of the 2022 Sheep Ireland multi-breed €urostar ram sale was published (click here to view report).

This years sale had the highest levels of entry criteria ever required to enter the sale, making the collection of rams the most elite in the country.

Despite of the high requirements, the evolution of the sales since 2016 shows a constant growth, almost doubling the numbers of rams sold, and achieving an important increase on the average price.

The level of engagement from ram breeders is growing higher from year to year, and also the commercial farmers are reaping the benefits of their genetic improvement.

More and more commercial farmers are demanding top-quality and physically correct rams , with excellent breeding values (€uro-Stars) to back it up (click here to see catalogue).

Each year the number of pedigree breeders’ performance recording is increasing, and every year the number of commercial farmers searching for €uro-Stars information before they purchase is also rising. All this bodes well for the sheep industry, and Sheep Ireland intends to keep this positive trend on the rise for next year.

These results reflects the constant work of the breeders, societies, and technicians involved in the genetic evaluations, and the trust of commercial farmers in the LambPlus programme adoption.