LambPlus is the performance recording service provided by Sheep Ireland to all pedigree and commercial sheep farmers in Ireland. LambPlus aims to collect as much performance information as possible for use in the Sheep Ireland genetic evaluations. LambPlus breeders collect a wide range of data on their flock right across the year. A full list and description of the traits collected can be found here. This handy timeline wall chart below guides you an keeps you on track of the information that needs to be collected at different stages of the year.

There are many benefits to being a LambPlus member, including:

  • Genetic evaluations (EuroStar Ratings) which are updated on a weekly basis
  • An online recording system which allows breeders to maintain and update their flock inventory, mating, lambing, health and weight records
  • Access to the FREE Sheep Ireland data recording App (More info here)
  • Recording notebooks to capture all necessary performance data
  • Online reports to monitor flock performance such as lambing and weight reports
  • An ultrasound scanning service which measures eye muscle and fat depth as well as a liveweight, at  approximately 140-150 days of age
  • Access to genomic testing for genomic evaluations, parentage verification and Department of Agriculture approved Scrapie certification. (More info here)
  • Inclusion in the Sheep Ireland Breeders directory (More info here)
  • Inclusion in an online Ram Search making your rams visible to Sheep farmers across Ireland
  • Access to performance recorded ram sales including the annual Sheep Ireland ram sale.
  • Genetic evaluations in Sales catalogues throughout the year.

LambPlus Reports and Services

As a LambPlus member, you receive a number of services and reports which are listed below.

How to join LambPlus

To join LambPlus, download and complete the LambPlus Sign Up Form (Please contact Sheep Ireland on 023 882 0451 to find the latest sign up form) and return it to: Sheep Ireland, Link Road, Ballincollig, Co. Cork with a completed Inventory of the animals in your flock before December 1st. Application at the beginning of the year and reopen for the following season in November of the given year. New and existing LambPlus members can use the LambPlus User Guide to find answers to any issues you encounter or questions you may have.

We are here to help

You can contact a member of the Sheep Ireland team on 023-8820451 or email us at [email protected].