Batch Weight Recording Help

This screen is used to record multiple weights for multiple sheep. As weights are entered and average daily gain (ADG) from the last weight is calculated.


There are 6 points highlighted in the image below, these are all explained in the points that follow

Batch Weight Recording help


  1. This is where you enter the date the animal(s) were weighed. You can select the date using the automatic calender pop-up or type the date in yourself. Example:  The 15th of March 2015 would be entered like this 15-MAR-2015.
  2. The Search box allows you to search for any animal in the flock using the NSIS or management number. This can also be used to search by breed or year of birth.
  3. It is here you enter the animals weight on the date selected in point 1. All weights must be collected in kgs
  4. A group must be recorded in any incidences where a group of animals are being managed differently within the same flock. This could be for example different feeding regimes, health treatments, housed vs not housed or lambs on poor vs good grass. If all animals are treated the same then this can be left blank
  5. Click the Save button to save each animal
  6. To veiw/delete an animals previous weights click on the animals ID and this will bring you into that individual animals details.

For more information on when to weigh your lambs click here

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