John Large – Farming in Gortnahoe, Co. Tipperary

John is currently farming just over 600 ewes alongside a suckler herd. John operates a grass based system with a major emphasis on maintaining grass quality throughout the year. He has been a participant in the Sheep Ireland CPT since it began in 2010. John also writes a piece for the Irish Independent.

Andrew Moloney – Farming in Edenderry, Co. Offaly

Andrew is currently running a flock of 360 ewes. Andrew also runs a very successful suckler herd with some pedigree Limousin cattle. Again Andrew has been involved in the Sheep Ireland CPT since the beginning. Andrew was also a participant in the Teagasc Better farm programme for a period of time during which he hosted a very successful farm walk on the farm.

James Napper – Farming in Oldcastle, Co. Meath

James operates a large flock of over 1,200 ewes, 600 of which are involved in the Central Progeny Test. Similar to all other CPT flocks, James has an emphasis on maximising performance from grass. Labour efficiency on this farm is of high importance and all ewes are expected to perform. A strict marking system is employed by James for all problem ewes – be this prolapse, lameness, mastitis etc. James has participated in the CPT since its beginning.

Brian Nicholson – Johnstown, Co. Kilkenny

Now farming almost 1,000 ewes Brian has been increasing his flock size for the past number of years now. Also a participant in the Teagasc Better farm programme, Brian has been steadily implementing the latest technologies in sheep farming on his holding. Through the use of EID and electronic data recording systems Brian is monitoring ewe performance on farm. Grass measuring, reseeding and adding paddock sub-divisions are all practices being used by Brian to maximise grass production and utilisation. Brian first became involved in the CPT in Autumn 2014.