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The timeline for getting Genomic results and Genomic Evaluation

After a breeder sends the tissue samples to the lab, the genotyping process can take up to 4 weeks, unless it requires a re-testing.

The Steps are as follows:

  1. Breeders can login to their Sheep Ireland account and select the animals they wish to genotype.
  2. This facility is open to LambPlus and non-LambPlus breeders.
  3. Hill flocks need first to register their animals here if they are not on the database (click).
  4. Once the sample has been ordered the breeder should receive the DNA tags within 3-5 working days from the tag provider.
  5. The breeder takes the tissue sample and the tag should remain in the ear (if any questions about parentage results arise this tag will rule out a sampling error by the farmer). Breeders sends the samples directly to the lab using a pre-addressed envelope.
  6. If the breeder used the DNA “combo tags”, click here to see how to order those genotypes, as the process is different.
  7. Once the lab receives the samples they will be scanned into their database and the breeder will see the sample status update to “Received at the Lab“.
  8. Once the genotyping process has taken place, the lab issues a result file which is sent to the Sheep Ireland database. This step can take up to 4 weeks.

At this point the database automatically runs on all genotypes:

  • quality control checks,
  • parentage verification,
  • and predictions are applied.

Parentage results are analyzed and tested before the update the breeder’s results profile. If parentage errors are found, the owner as well as the relevant society will be notified, with incorrect parentage being removed/updated.

Where can I check the genomic results?

Breeders can check their results via their Genomic Results Screen (click here to see how).


When is the Genomic result included in the Genomic Evaluation?

The genotype is then included in the next genomic evaluation run. This process will take an additional 5-9 days depending on which day of the week the genotype is delivered from the lab.


When do I access to the Genotyping Subsidy?

Subsidized genotyping applies to all LambPlus flocks at €15 per animal if their DQI is above 40%, and for Hill flocks members of Breeding Groups.

The full genotyping cost (€24.60 per animal) applies to:

  • Non-LambPlus flocks,
  • LambPlus members with a DQI score below 40%,
  • Hill flocks not members of Breeding Groups.

DNA collection guide

Follow the DNA collection guide enclosed with your DNA collection Kits:

  • Ensure the sheep is properly restrained
  • Only take samples from clean & dry ears
  • Disinfect the ear after the sample is taken
  • Leave the tag in the ear where possible


Handling DNA Samples

  • Refrigerate samples ASAP (avoid freeze-thawing of samples)
  • Send samples at the start-mid week to avoid samples being stuck in the post over the weekend.