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CPT farms lambing season running very well

The Central Progeny Test (CPT) farms’ lambing season is running very well. By now all of the ewes inseminated have lambed, with more than 650 lambs recorded, and the natural mated ones will be lambing shortly.

Again, this year there are almost 1,500 ewes lambing, mated with 35 rams of different breeds, including; Belclare, Charollais, Hampshire Down, Lleyn, Suffolk,  Texel & Vendeen  This will mean that there will be lots of data collected and a huge amount of different bloodlines in 2023.

All the lambing data is being recorded using the LambPlus App: lambing status, date, lambing difficulty, ewe milk, mothering ability, sex, weight, lamb vigour, rearing, and ID. The sires will be assigned via DNA predictions using a tissue sample collected from the lamb’s ear at tagging time.

We would like to thank the CPT farmers and the Sheep Ireland Technicians for all their effort thus far, as their efforts have had a big impact on the national flock.

CPT’s figures:

  • 1050 ewes Naturally mating across 3 flocks in the CPT’s.
  • 320 ewes AI’d in 3 flocks.
  • 9 rams used for AI.
  • 26 rams used in natural mating.

Have a look below at what the CPT is and what are the benefits;