You are currently viewing 26th April – Deadline for requesting Muscle and Fat Scanning service

26th April – Deadline for requesting Muscle and Fat Scanning service

Muscle & Fat scanning service is being offered to all LambPlus breeders again this season.

Service Request

If you wish to have your flock scanned for Muscle and Fat depth this season, please click on the green button and complete your details before April 26th. After this date access to the service cannot be guaranteed.

We will make contact with you over the following weeks to arrange a suitable time.

The Benefits of Muscle and Fat Scanning

  • Ultrasound scanning information is used to predict carcass conformation and fat.
  • The more Muscle and Fat depth information we collect from a flock and/or breed, the higher the accuracy of the evaluation for the sheep, therefore giving you and your potential customers more confidence in their purchasing decision.
  • If your lambs are scanned between 121 and 180 days of age this will also count as your third lamb weight (not including birth weight). Lambs will also be scored for lameness, dagginess, and condition score on the day, all of which will contribute to the health index which now forms part of both the Terminal and Replacement Indexes.
  • Muscle and Fat scanning contributes to the flock’s DQI.


To have your lambs scanned, a minimum criteria must be fulfilled:

  • The majority of lambs should be over 35kg at the time of scanning and under 180 days of age.
  • All lambs must be presented and tagged with the official NSIS tag before the day of scanning (No NSIS = No Scanning).
  • Breeders must have accurate working weight scales to weigh their lambs on the day.
  • All (Male and Female) lambs must be presented for scanning.
  • Where possible, a minimum of 15 to 20 progeny per sire used should be scanned to deliver reliable estimates of genetic merit.
  • The grouping of lambs into their different management groups is of critical importance. Lambs fed/managed under differing systems must be grouped accordingly. Assessing these lambs’ performance on the same level is entirely false and only serves to bias and distort the €uroStar evaluation.
  • To achieve full DQI marks for scanning flocks will be required to scan 50% of their lambs with the remaining lambs all being weighed.
  • Ideally the scanning should take place undercover, preferably in a building without direct sunlight so the scans can be easily seen and comply with electrical safety regulations.
  • Mains power is necessary at the scanning point.
  • A large table (or six small bales) is required for the scanning equipment and should be protected in some way from the lambs being scanned.
  • Handling facilities should be adequate to ensure that lambs are presented at the scanning point.
  • scanning crate (handling crate) will be provided by the scanning technician.
  • It is necessary to apply liquid paraffin to the scanning site. (If lambs are to be sheared, the scanning should be done first). A minimum amount of paraffin is used but the amount needed is affected by temperature, wool absorption, and site conditions. Subsequent marks may be seen on animals if the site attracts soil particles or resists sheep dips used.
  • Have your lambing book to hand in case there are any queries when processing the scanning data.

Scanning Fees

 The Muscle and Fat scanning fees are the same as in 2023.

  • The call-out fee is €150. However, this also covers the first 25 lambs scanned. Each lamb after this is €2.50 until the 80th lamb, and then €0.50 per lamb thereafter.
  • VAT is included in these prices.
  • Any lambs not scanned will be weighed and health recorded at no additional charge
Number of Lambs Scanned 2024 Cost (€)
20 €150
25 €150
40 €187.50
50 €212.50
60 €237.50
70 €262.50
80 €287.50
90 €292.50
100 €297.50



Payment for this scanning service will need to be made on the day of scanning by all breeders. There can be no exceptions to this rule.

Only card payment is accepted

For more information visit or contact us at 0238820451,

WhatsApp 0832063734, or e-mail us at [email protected]