All lambs must be weighed 3 times after birth. Lambs should be 40, 100 and 150 days of age on average at these weights.

Health recording traits can now also be recorded. ie Condition, Lameness, Dagginess & Mastitis

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One of Sheep Ireland's experienced technicians scanning a lamb for muscle and fat depth

If you wish to have your flock scanned for Muscle and Fat depth this year please TEXT the word SCANNING to 0894577665 before the 22nd of May. Ultrasound scanning information is used as a very good predictor of carcass confirmation,

40 Day weights 1

Over the past number of days Sheep Ireland have been visiting the Central Progeny Test flocks to capture lambs 40 day weights. All CPT ewes and lambs have been weighed over the past few days. All animals were also scored

Lame Sheep

  The health status of a flock can have a huge impact on the profitability  due to reduced thrive, increased treatment costs, increased labour inputs and increased culling rates. Sheep Ireland have collected tens of thousands of health data records