Lambing is one of the most critical times of year for collecting data and increasing the accuracy of your flock's evaluations.

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A commercial ewe with her day old twin lambs, tagged and recorded ready to be moved out to the fields

As the closing date for submitting lambing information approaches (APRIL 30th) many breeders are recording their lambing data with Sheep Ireland. Sheep Ireland is constantly monitoring the data that comes in to ensure all the data looks satisfactory an eliminating

CPT Ewe and her 2 Lambs

Below two tables that are designed to aid breeders select the best time to weigh their LambPlus performance recording lambs. As part of the LambPlus programme breeders are asked to record at least 3 weights for their lambs after lambing,

Genetic Trend

Sheep Breeding in Ireland – The next 5 years This paper written by N. McHugh (Teagasc) and T. Pabiou (Sheep Ireland) was presented at the National Sheep Conferences in Athlone and Letterkenny on the 4th and 5th of February 2014 respectively. Areas discussed