Muscle and Fat scanning lambs is currently the best way to predict carcass information from different bloodlines. You must notify Sheep Ireland before May 31st if you wish to get your flock recorded.

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Sheep 2015 – Athenry Sat 20th June We are now in the home straight in terms of preparations for this major event for the Irish sheep industry. This weeks Irish Farmers Journal contains a detailed supplement on the showcase. Sheep

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Ovigen Update Yesterday (Thurs 4th) we circulated an update letter to all LambPlus breeders. To date we have visited almost 100 breeder’s flocks. We have collected DNA samples from just over 3000 adult sheep (ewes and rams) and 3500 lamb DNA

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Flock data reminders For the past number of weeks we have been contacting breeders on an individual basis in relation to their lambing and weight data entered thus far in 2015. Of course we are looking at all aspects of