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Features of the Movement Report

The Movement Report provides full clarity of all the movements into/out of the flock (including deaths), making it easy to analyze and review the main reasons why animals are culled or sold from the flock.

Sheep Ireland works tirelessly to ensure our reports are user-friendly and helpful. Breeders can move animals into/out of their flocks without secondary confirmation from the other owner. The breeder that does not instigate the move will be notified by email of movements that will be implemented.

When logging into the homepage, you can see a notification box on the top right of the screen, and view the most recent updates of animals moving in or out of your flock.



You can access the full list of movements by selecting “Click here for more information“, or accessing through Reports, and then selecting “Movement Report“.

See which animal was moved from/to what breeder, and when the movement took place.



The image below highlights the features of the Movement Report step by step:

  1. Go to the search bar and enter the animal ID of a particular animal that you are interested in knowing where it is
  2. Use the radio buttons to search for animals that came ‘In’, ‘Out’ or who have died using the ‘Deaths’ button
  3. You can download the data into an Excel format for analysis
  4. This report is run on a yearly basis, select whatever year is relevant to your search



Click on the link below to see how to remove all animals that are no longer in the flock:

Is your flock inventory up to date? – Sheep Ireland

Clean up the inventory and remove all animals that are no longer in the flock.

This will also help to increase your Data Quality Index (DQI).