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New Weight Report Available!

Sheep Ireland have launched a new weight report that is available for all members of the LambPlus Program. This report is very useful in determining your slowest and fastest growing lambs from each other.

Once you log into your Sheep Ireland account, go to ‘Reports’ then go to ‘Weight Report’ as seen the first image below. Once you are on the weight report screen, you can select for:

breed (step 1) –  if a breeder is performance recording a number of breeds this is very useful in looking at a particular breed

lambing season (step 2) – this is useful if a breeder wants to look at a particular lambing season

sex (step 3) – breeders can select male or females in their flock

weighing dates can be applied (step 4) – applying weighing dates allows a breeder to look at a specific weight period, eg in a given year (1st Jan – 31st Dec 2018 = all weights in 2018) or in a given weight date then the same date can be applied for both weight date fields (1st Jan – 1st Jan = all weight done on the 1st January).  All the data is also available to download into excel from your own profile when your at the computer

weight brackets (step 5) – any animals within a particular weight bracket can be found by double clicking on the blue block

The download option is on the top right of the screen, as can be seen in images in step 6. The average, minimum, maximum weights and average daily gain (ADG) is displayed for the time period you have selected. When you initially go to your weight report screen, the overall flock average, minimum, maximum weights and average daily gain (ADG) will be displayed so it is very important to select the relevant filters for what you want to see.

It is very quick to record all weight data via the LambPlus App which is available for download on IOS and android devices.

Please contact Sheep Ireland if assistance is required to access your weight report and find what you are looking for, call the Sheep Ireland office on 023 8820451 or email on [email protected].