Pedigree Management Help

You can then filter your flock by the following options if necessary: Pedigree, Birth Notified / Pending, Rejected, Ineligible, or All.

To search for a particular animal to manage the Pedigree status, simply enter the Animal ID or name in the ‘search box’.

How do I request a cert for an animal?

Just click on “Select”, and then click on the blue top right button “Checkout” to proceed.

How do I name an animal?

Each Flockbook has a list of rules that need to be followed when naming animals. To see a list of the rules simply click on the Pedigree tab on any animal.

If your lambs have not already been named, it is necessary to name them before you can pedigree request them.

If you have a name in mind simply enter it in the Animal Name box or if not click the green ‘Auto Name’ button and this will generate a name that meets the criteria.

Once the name is entered click on the blue button to “Proceed”.

If an animal is requested in error, you can contact your Society representative to rectify it.

Why are some animals appearing as ineligible?

The most common reason an animal may appear as ineligible is because either the sire or dam may only be birth notified or the lamb was birth notified after the society deadline. In order to request the pedigree of an animal both the sire and dam need to be pedigree registered on the system.

Another reason of appearing ineligible can be a pedigree ID missing.

How to Save/Download your results

To save these results simply  click on the option to ‘download’ on the top right of the screen.