You are currently viewing Sheep Ireland’s LambPlus programme 2023 is now open!

Sheep Ireland’s LambPlus programme 2023 is now open!

Existing LambPlus breeders can now renew their LambPlus membership for 2023 on the new online renewal application service on the Sheep Ireland website.  

Just simply visit and log into your current account, you will find “Join LambPlus for 2023” once you are logged in. Complete the required criteria and ensure to agree to the T & C’s then click “save”.

For members of breed societies where Sheep Ireland host the flockbook (see below list ‘Pedigree Breeds we host’, they can also sign up by using the online renewal application by simply logging into their Sheep Ireland accounts and finding theJoin LambPlus for 2023’ banner. If you are a pedigree breeder of the breed societies that we host and plan to join LambPlus, you must have a membership with the society first – they will set you up as a member of the relevant breed on the Sheep Ireland database.

For new members who are commercial or hill breeds, you can find the signup form at and once complete send this to us or join now by calling 023 882 0451 or by emailing [email protected]


Sheep Ireland aims to improve farm profitability by promoting the use of better sheep genetics. Thanks to work from many industry stakeholders, Ireland’s genetic trends for both the Terminal and Replacement indexes are heading in a positive direction.

2022 has already seen many improvements within Sheep Ireland. High €uroStar rams continue to deliver higher profits in validation work being carried out. Genotyping of pedigree sheep across Ireland continues to grow at pace.

Sheep Ireland continues to build the services available to all Irish farmers, via the online ram search, free data recording app and a greatly improved ram sale catalogue format. Most importantly, national genetic trends are on an upward trajectory which bodes well for Irish sheep farmers.

Farmers who want to improve the performance of their flock can take the first step by joining Sheep Ireland’s LambPlus programme. As part of the programme, farmers are expected to record a variety of key events such as mating, pregnancy scanning, lambing information and weights. Genetic evaluations are generated once key performance information is entered and €urostar Index’s are then produced for all animals involved in the LambPlus programme. To view a detailed timeline of what is exactly involved and what you need to record as a member of LambPlus please click here: What do I need to record and when in LambPlus? – Sheep Ireland

Any new members who are thinking of joining LambPlus can contact Sheep Ireland.

Benefits for Farmers joining LambPlus:

  1. Eleven different types of flock reports including weight reports and pregnancy reports
  2. Inbreeding checker to manage inbreeding
  3. Pedigree management services
  4. Subsidised genotyping service (€15/sample – Scrapie & Parentage predictions included)
  5. Free farm management recording LambPlus App
  6. A safe and secure database of your records
  7. Potential entry into the LambPlus Multi-Breed sale
  8. Listed in the Sheep Ireland directory of breeders which is sent to over 12,000 flocks annually
  9. Genetic Evaluations and €uroStars of your sheep!!!
  10. Inclusion in an online Ram Search making your rams visible to Sheep farmers across Ireland
  11. Customer support!


The option of joining LambPlus is open to pedigree (€50-€100) and commercial farmers (Free). To find out more information about LambPlus please click here: LambPlus – Sheep Ireland

LambPlus stats 2022:

The number of ram breeding flocks joining the LambPlus performance recording programme has grown every year since the beginning of Sheep Ireland.

Performance recording is now at its highest level ever in Ireland which bodes well for all Irish sheep farmers.


Breeds we host   Pedigree Breeds we do not host
BR Belclare BL Bluefaced Leicester
BT Blue Texel BN Bleu du Maine
BX Beltex BO Border Leicester
CL Charollais CD Cladoir
DC Donegal Cheviot CV Cheviot
DS Dutch Spotted DK Dassenkop
GL Galway DT Dorset Horn and Poll
HD Hampshire Down IF Ile de France
IS Irish Suffolk LY LLeyn
MC Mayo Connemara MF Milford
RL Rouge de l’Ouest OD Oxford Down
SU Suffolk RY Ryeland
TX Texel SH Shropshire
VB Valais Blacknose
VN Vendeen
ZB Zwartbles