Ram Report

If you want to see this tutorial, just click the Help button again and select Tutorial. It will give you a tour through the report screen, by clicking “next” in each section.

The purpose of this report is to allow you to easily compare how each of your rams performed.

What are you interested in?

Select between Lambing and Weights.

On the screen highlighted (Lambing), you can find a lambing summary for all the sires that produced lambs in the current season.

Rams table

This table displays all the rams you used for your progeny (current season), along with how many lambs each ram produced and the average lambing traits for those lambs.

The header of each of these columns is sortable.

For example, if you click on the Birth Weight header, this will sort the results based on average birth weight across each ram’s progeny — from heaviest to lightest or vice versa.


Lambs are not always exactly 40 days old when weighed. Some might be 40 days, some might be 38 days, and some might be 43 days old.

We show adjusted weights, which means we try to estimate what the weight would have been at exactly 40 days of age.

This is the same for 100-days weights and 150-days weights.


You can find the average weights in form of a chart so you can compare your rams against each other even quicker.

Download your data

Here you can download an excel file containing your ram team along with their summary.

Change year of report

Want to see your past data? Use the “Change Year” dropdown and select the lambing season you are interested in.