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What to do if I used DNA Combo Tags at birth?

Any breeder using DNA combo tags at birth, needs first to order the genomic service.

This needs to be done BEFORE posting the samples to the lab, because if not, the lab can’t process the samples and delays can cause DNA sample quality loss.

How to order via Sheep Ireland’s for getting the tag discount and avoid paying and receiving a second one?

Go to:

  1. Management 

  2. Genomic ordering


  1. Tick the box “I have some samples in storage“.

  2. Search the animal ID.

  3. Then select on each animal you intend to sendI already have an ear sample

The price will drop €2 and then you can checkout for payment.

Click here “New features for Genomic Ordering online” for more details.


If the samples are not paid for and in a genomic order, the lab will not process them, as they will not know who they belong to.

Only after doing this, post the samples to:

Watch this video on how to order: