Weekly Update: 06/05/16

Sheep Ireland AGM 5th May

The AGM on Thursday adopted the 2015 audited accounts, and approved the appointment of Ernst and Young as auditors for 2016.

Sheep Ireland Board Meeting 5th May

Topics covered at the Sheep Ireland Board meeting yesterday included:

  • CPT progress – lambing & 40 day weights.
  • Plans for Muscle and Backfat scanning in 2016.
  • OVIGEN & Pilot Project progress.
  • Flockbook service fees.
  • Genetic Evaluations – The first genetic evaluation run of 2016 will go online for all LambPlus breeders on Monday 9th May. Regular runs will go live from this point forward throughout the summer.
  • LambPlus sale 2016 – clarification on the sale date. The sale will take place on Saturday 27th August in Tullamore mart.

Breed Society representative meeting

The main topics discussed at the meeting included;

  • A presentation by Nicola Hobson (DAFM) on the requirements of flockbooks to become officially approved by the Irish Department of Agriculture.
  • OVIGEN – significant progress is being made with this research project. Excellent discussion took place on the matter.
  • Flockbook service fees and integration with Sheep Ireland.
  • Promoting the use of high Index CPT sires among LambPlus breeders.

CPT 40 day weights

Over the past number of days Sheep Ireland have been visiting the Central Progeny Test flocks to capture lamb 40 day weights. All CPT ewes and lambs have been weighed over the past few days. All animals were also scored for Lameness, Daginess, Body Condition score and ewes were checked for mastitis. The option to record all these trait are now available to all LambPlus breeders through their LambPlus accounts and we encourage as many breeders as possible to record these traits. See below some images from James Napers flock in Co. Meath.

Capture 1
1100 ewes in one single mob awaiting weighing. 550 of these ewes are involved in the Sheep Ireland Central Progeny Test programme.
Capture 2
The Sheep Ireland weighing equipment ready to go. Two weighing units were used on the day to ensure weighing could be completed in one day.
Capture 3
Weighing underway. All CPT ewes and lambs were weighed on the day
Capture 4
A group of ewes and lambs awaiting weighing.
Ewes and lambing standing in a slatted sheep shed awaiting weighing by Sheep Ireland in the background of the picture.
Capture 6
A group of ewes and lambs back in the field after weighing.