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Weekly Update: 04/11/16

2017 LambPlus sign-up forms

These sign-up forms are now being circulated by post to pedigree ram breeders all over Ireland. We will be sending them to all existing LambPlus breeders in addition to all non-LambPlus members involved in each of the Irish sheep breed societies. The number of people pedigree ram breeders involved in LambPlus has grown each and every year since the beginning of Sheep Ireland and we hope that this growth will continue.

We ask all breed societies to encourage their members to join LambPlus. Going forward, the €uroStar indexes will only help to attract more and more farmers towards breed society sales and pedigree rams. This is not only good for genetic improvement, but also for breed societies and their breeders who are the foundation of the Sheep Ireland programme.

Deadline date for receipt of sign-up forms

The deadline for receipt of these sign-up forms is Thursday December 1st. This deadline will be strictly enforced. Sheep Ireland will be sending reminder texts to all existing LambPlus members in advance of this deadline and we will also be asking breed societies to communicate the date with all of their members. For any non-LambPlus breeder that do not receive the sign-up form by post, we would ask them to be directed to the Sheep Ireland website or to call us on 1850 601 901 and we will explain everything about LambPlus to them.

Sheep Ireland are hiring

A position is coming available in the New Year for a technical support position and we are currently inviting candidates to apply. Click here to see more details.