Weekly Update: 05/05/17

OVIGEN – Next Phase of Sheep Genomics Launched

This week all breeders that took part in phase 1 of the OVIGEN research project were invited to order genotypes for sheep in their flocks. This ordering can now be done on new web screens which have been in development for a number of months. These new web screens offer breeders a user-friendly and efficient way to make use of this exciting new technology. As has been detailed in previous weekly updates, this genotyping is being made available in 2017 at a highly subsidised rate, which will hopefully entice breeders to continue genotyping their breeding animals, thus maintaining a full flock of genotyped ewes and breeding rams.

Sheep Ireland Board Meeting

A Sheep Ireland Board Meeting takes place today Friday 5 th May. A summary of the meeting will be included in next week’s update.

CPT 40 Day Weights

This week collection of CPT 40 day weights continued across the participating flocks. All ewes and lambs are weighed, condition scored, scored for lameness and dag and mastitis.