You can now record Mating on the LambPlus App

You can now record Mating on the LambPlus App

The launch of Sheep Ireland’s LambPlus App this year has proved successful with many breeders now using the App. Recording no longer requires farmers to be indoors, it can be done in the yard or in the shed as the event is happening. The addition of mating to the App has now launched and recording the mating of ewes has never been as easy. Breeders can already record lambing, weighs and inspections on the App. There is a trial App for non-LambPlus breeders which requires a specific login (click here for more info), but for you existing LambPlus breeders simply use your username and password as normal.

Illustrated below is step by step instructions on how to record mating on the App correctly.



1. Once logged into the App, you can search for the mating screen by clicking on the top right hand icon which shows 3 horizontal lined bars. ‘Mating’ is second on the list. Click this and screen above will appear.

2. In the provided search bar, enter the ID (Pedigree or NSIS) of the ram you intend on using.



3. Ensure and type in the correct ID of the ram, it is essential that he ID of the ram is correct.

4. Click on the blue search tab. The ram that you desire will appear once the blue search bar is clicked. To record mating’s against this ram  simply click on his ID. The screen below will appear.


5. The date is set by default to the current day that you are entering the information. To change the date simply click on the mating date bar and change to the day the ram was used for mating.

6. The mating type is set by default to a natural serve. By clicking the mating type tab, it will give an option to select ‘Artificial Insemination’.

7. A list of the ewes in your inventory will automatically appear under the heading ‘select ewes’. On the right hand side, there is an option to select and un-select that particular ewe. A little blue circle will appear when you select a ewe. As can be seen in the illustrated image above, when a ewe is already mated  on the same day to a different sire, the option to mate her again is not allowed and she appears faded.

8. Once you have selected the ewe, this information is queued to be sent to the database. Once the information has sent, the ticks on the left hand side of the selected ewes will turn green.

Recording mating has never been so easy! Happy Recording!