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Project BAA BAA Conference

Project BAA BAA, Celebrating the cultural, economic and environmental contribution of Sheep Farming & Associated Traditions

European Congress of Sheep Farming & Associated Traditions | Farming | Lamb | Cheese | Wool | Innovation

This is a networking event for those involved in sheep farming in Ireland. The Theme of the conference will be Building Capacity & New Opportunities and LIVING with SHEEP events, which takes place on 29/30 May, 2020 at Claregalway Castle, in county Galway, Ireland.

Researchers, innovators, farming, wool, food and craft producers from across Ireland and Europe will come to Galway to take part in the, first ever, European Congress of Sheep Farming and Associated Traditions.
Farming | Lamb | Cheese | Wool | Innovation updates will be given and all developments discussed in panels led by Damien O’Reilly, RTE Countrywide. Topics covered will be sheep breed development for the best meat, cheese and wool, lamb and cheese production and marketing, best practices using indicators and quality networks, the use of 100% wool, natural fibre composites in innovation, creating sustainable local supply wool chain and agritourism potential for the sector. This conference is of interest to sheep farmers looking at new opportunities, food and wool producers, designers and innovation in wool and small holders interested in sheep breeds.
On the second day, an estimated 1000 + will visit LIVING with SHEEP where shearing, dog trails and sheep breed presentations as well as artisan meats and cheese, hand weaving, traditional spinning, craft and new collections from Irish woollen mills will be on display for the public to view and buy. These events will be covered by national and international media so it is expected that the reach will be to a wider audience in Ireland and further afield.

The Conference, on Friday 29 May, hosted by Damien O’Reilly, well known presenter of RTE’s Countrywide, will lead the discussions with farmers, industry experts and producers, to present and discuss the state of play and the future opportunities in wool, the ranges, textiles and yarns, farming, food production, agritourism and sustainable practices. These will include IWTO, IFA, ICSA, Slow Food International, Teagasc, Bord Bia, CÁIS, Failte Ireland, Wool Mills, Yarn and Cloth producers, Cheese and Meat producers and Agritourism experiences. ‘Living with Sheep’ on Saturday 30 May at Claregalway Castle.

For the full schedule of the friday event click here, or for more on Project BAA BAA visit there website