CPT 40-Day Weights complete

CPT 40-Day Weights complete

Sheep Ireland technicians have been busy over the last 10 days visiting the 4 CPT Flocks to collect the 40-Day weights among other traits such as DAG Score, BCS, Lameness, Ewe Weights and incidences of mastitis and prolapse.

The 40-day weights are used to help predict the milkiness of the ewe and the ewes father. The 40-Days weights collected in the CPT in 2021 will still be having an effect on the evaluation accuracy of the sires of the ewes that lambed down in the CPT this year. To see a full list of CPT sires or their progeny you can use the RamSearch.ie or the Flockbook search for the breed you are interested in. There are filters here to filter for CPT sires or for their progeny.

All the data collected is feeding into the genetic evaluations that are being produced to assist commercial and pedigree farmers in selecting their next stock ram.

Over the course of the 4 days, approximately 14k individual pieces of data were collected on 3.5k animals. On average across the 4 flocks, lambs were 17.5kg which gives them an ADG of 0.305kg/day.

Ewes being inspected