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Still time to find and purchase the best rams !

Sheep Ireland’s Ram Search can be used by commercial and pedigree farmers searching for any rams bred by LambPlus breeders.

Rams can be searched by county, breed, age, their replacement, terminal, no. of lambs born, daughters milk, lambing survivability and days to slaughter indexs.

Any breed that is recording with Sheep Ireland in the LambPlus programme can be found on the ram search. This is a extremely useful tool for farmers who are looking for a ram of a particular breed in a particular area with desirable traits that meet their breeding objective.

Breeders and commercial farmers also have access the Flockbooks of all 17 breed societies who run their flockbooks through the Sheep Ireland database. The main features of the flockbook search are that sheep farmers can search for animals based on the number of progeny they have, or they can search for animals that are genotyped.

One of the main benefits of the flockbook search is it affords breeders the opportunity to search for pedigree registered females and look at their €uroStar evaluations. This function may be particularly useful when breeders are purchasing females privately or at in lamb sales where €uroStars may not be displayed.

Also a Breeder Search is available. The main function of this search is for commercial farmers to find breeders in their own area. For example a commercial farmer could be looking for Suffolk breeder in Galway, and they will be returned a list of all suffolk breeders in Galway. The breeder search also gives some extra information on all LambPlus Flocks for commercial farmers to make us of before deciding what breeder to visit. The information available is as follows, Flock DQI, Flock Linkage status, the number of ewes lambed in the flock in that year and the Average replacement and terminal Index of the flock.