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Weight Verification Pilot Project 2024

As you may know, the National Sheep Breed Improvement Program aims to enhance the genetic merit of sheep breeds through various strategies, including selective breeding. One critical aspect of this program is ensuring accurate data collection, particularly weights, which play a vital role in evaluating the growth and performance of sheep.

The Weight Verification Pilot Project is designed to streamline and improve the process of weight verification within the LambPlus Program.

What is the aim of the project?

The overall aim of the project is to provide more integrity to the National Sheep Breed Improvement Program by verifying the weights that are being submitted to the database and being used in the evaluations. Providing accurate information to the National Sheep Breed Improvement Program also provides confidence and assurance to commercial sheep farmers purchasing performance recorded animals.

How will the project work?

The way the project will work is Sheep Ireland will select flocks participating in the LambPlus Program to verify the weights of their lambs. This will be done by the breeder taking a video of a selection of lambs going through the weighing scale when requested to do so by Sheep Ireland.

In conclusion, the Weight Verification Pilot Project represents a significant step forward in enhancing the integrity of data flowing into  the National Sheep Breed Improvement Program.