Sheep Ireland is involved with Task 1 and Task 2 of the Sheep Technology Adoption Programme (STAP) as well as providing a facility for STAP group advisers / facilitators with a method of recording a baseline survey and target actions for each of their STAP farmers as required by the Department of Agriculture.

Task 1 (€uro-Star Ram)

Task 1 of STAP is compulsory in year one or two of STAP. Each STAP participant must furnish Sheep Ireland with a ram query form containing the details of an eligible ram accompanied with a photocopy of the dispatch docket for that same animal in order to pass this task.

Task 2 (Performance Recording)

Note: Any STAP participant that completed  Option C in year one of STAP they must complete Option B in year 2

All STAP participants that selected Task 2 Option C in year one of STAP would have received a username and password from Sheep Ireland to allow them to complete this task on-line. If you have mislaid your login details please contact your STAP facilitator or Sheep Ireland