You are currently viewing Sires must be genotyped for their offspring to receive star ratings.

Sires must be genotyped for their offspring to receive star ratings.

With the lambing season almost ending in many flocks, remember to genotype your stock rams to ensure your lambs receive their star ratings.

Lambs born from a stock ram sire that is not genotyped will not receive any stars. The genotype is also used to improve the accuracy of the €uroStar evaluations of both the sire and offspring.

DNA-verified rams reassure breeders when purchasing. Once a ram is genotyped he is genotyped for life; even if he is dead, any progeny he produces will be sire verified provided the lambs themselves are genotyped also.

Hill flock stock rams will also need to be genotyped to sire verify their offspring for SIS.

Genotyping stock rams will help to correct any potential parentage errors found in your flock. You can check if your stock ram is genotyped through your Sheep Ireland account,  via the genomic ordering screen.

How to order online:

Have a look at the videos below which demonstrates how to order genotypes via the genomic ordering screen.


Sires used in artificial insemination:

Breeders need to genotype all sires, including the ones used in artificial insemination.

If the ram that you wish to genotype is still alive and is accessible to you, the best way to get him genotyped is by ordering and taking an ear tissue sample. It is recommendable that ear tissue sampling is taken over semen sampling if the ram is still alive.

If the ram is dead and you have access to his semen, then a pellet or straw can be sent for genotyping.

If the ram is not in your flock account he can be added to your flock account by contacting Sheep Ireland or your relevant society, but also via the “Inventory tab/Add animals” (inputting the animals NSIS tag, movement date, and adding the animal to your flock).

Semen sample kits are ordered via your genomic ordering screen.

See video below, as you need to select a specific semen sample kit type:


Genotyping of Dams:

As part of the €uroStar Multi-Breed Ram sale criteria (since 2023), all rams entering the sale must be fully parentage (Sire and Dam) verified. 

That means that the mother and father of every ram entered to the sale must also be genotyped with Sheep Ireland.

Where a sire or dam mismatches and is removed, the animal must have a new sire or dam assigned via genomic parentage predictions to be eligible for the sale.

Genotyping of the dams is NOT a requirement for getting Eurostars for the lambs, but YES for entering the annual LambPlus ram sale.

DNA Combo Tags:

Any breeder ordering DNA combo tags at birth, needs first to record the lambing event, and then order the genomic service BEFORE posting the samples to the lab.

This should be done via Sheep Ireland’s account by going to:

  1. Management 

  2. Genomic ordering

  3. by ticking “I have some samples in storage”

  4. and then selecting on the animals you intend to send “I already have an ear sample”

Click  here “New features for Genomic Ordering online” for more details