Weekly Update: 10/06/16

New Lambing Report Launched

  • A new lambing report has been put live for all LambPlus flocks; this report gives farmers the ability to view the physical performance of their flock at lambing time on a year by year basis. It can be found by logging into your account and you will find it listed under reports.
  • There are two incidences where this report would be very useful for farmers.
  1. It will allow farmers to get a quick synopsis of the lambing data they have recorded for that year and allow them to easily identify if there is information that has not been recorded correctly or if there is information not yet submitted. E.g. number of ewes lambed, percentage of lambs with a sire recorded, number of lambs that were fostered/bottle fed etc.
  2. It will also allow breeders to compare the physical performance of the flock from one year to the next.
  • There is also a download option with this report, (highlighted in the image attached) as there is on many of the other pages and reports on the website. By clicking the download option this will extract all the data contained in this report into excel, where farmers can then scrutinise the data even further or just save it for their own future reference.

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Lambing Report

Loading Flock Data from External Software Providers

As more and more farmers start using handhelds and software providers to record their flock’s performance records, it was vital that Sheep Ireland could facilitate these flocks by having a quick and simple way to load the data from these service providers. We have been working on a model to handle this for several months now and this week the new process was used for the first time and it worked extremely well. This will result in a much faster and robust data upload for farmers who are using external software service providers to record their data resulting in more up to date and robust evaluations earlier in the year for these flocks