Lambing Report Help

Downloading your lambing report to excel

Once in the Lambing Report page go to the download option located in the top right corner of the website (see below). Click on this and then select the way in which you would like the data to be saved. For most people the .xlsx (MS Office 2007) would be the best option. Once it has been generating it will prompt you to save the excel on your device. Once you have chosen the location hit save. You report will now be available in excel content.

How to download the Lambing report






  • Ewes in Flock” is the count of breeding females in the flock during that year. Breeding females include ewe lambs (ie, ewe lambs over 260 days of age)
  • Ewes Lambed” is a count of the number of ewes recorded as lambing down
  • Abortions” & “Barrens” are important to record as it allows the the database to see the ewe is still active in the flock for the year
  • Not Mated” is the count of ewes not mated, this option is only available for ewe lambs
  • Unaccounted for Ewes” are ewes that have no events recording at lambing time
  • Sires used” shows the number of rams used in the flock during the season. By clicking on Sires used it will bring you to the Ram report where you can get more information on your lambs.