Weekly Update: 27/10/17

CPT Update

Last Wednesday marked the final day of AI for our 2017 CPT program on Brian Nicholson’s farm in
Johnstown Co. Kilkenny. During the course of the program 29 rams were used from 5 different breeds, a
list of the rams and their owners can be found here. Overall just over 2,100 ewes have been AI’d within a
13 day period, for now we look forward to the busy lambing period next March. We are extremely happy
with how our program has gone this year which is in no doubt down to the hard work and dedication of the Sheep Ireland technicians, AI technicians from ProStar Genetics and AB Europe, and the CPT farmers and of course to the breeders who applied to have their rams be part of such a program. A sincere thank you to all involved.

LambPlus Sign-up Forms 2018

Within the next week we will begin to circulate sign-up forms for our 2018 LambPlus program. Existing
LambPlus members will receive a sign-up form as well as non LambPlus members that are involved with
each breed society. An online version will be available also if needed.

Upcoming Meeting with Breed Society Representatives

On next Thursday 2nd November, members of the Sheep Ireland Board will meet with breed society
representatives from all Irish sheep breed societies. This meeting will be an opportunity for the Board to
hear concerns and ideas from breed societies and to discuss how breed improvement can be accelerated in all breeds. The Chairperson and Secretary of each breed society have been invited to attend this meeting. Should any society member have any issue or idea which they would like to be discussed, please contact your relevant breed society or contact the relevant Sheep Ireland Board representative elected on your behalf.

Regional Meetings

A round of regional meetings for all pedigree ram breeders interested in sheep breed improvement will be organised for November. The details of these meetings will be circulated to all breeders and breed societies very soon.