Weekly Update: 16/03/18

CPT Lambing

Lambing has now kicked off on our 4th CPT flock and is starting to wind down on our other 3 flocks. So far, records for over 2,200 lambs have hit the database and all have been recorded with a sire, dam and a lamb vigour rating. All ewes that lamb down have their lambing difficulty recorded as well as their milk ability and mothering ability. Special care and attention is taken when recording fosters and pets and all lambs are accounted for. All this data is being inputted through our new LambPlus App which is being trialled on the CPT flocks this year. Overall, we are very pleased with how the recording App has worked over this very intensive compact lambing period. While the lambing period is still not yet complete, so far, we have been happy with how it has progressed considering the difficult weather conditions we have been experiencing of late. Again, be sure to follow us on Snapchat Facebook and Twitter as we approach day 147 on Brian Nicholson’s farm.

Want to know what our CPT Project is all about?

See a short video here of Sean explaining what’s involved!



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