Sheep Ireland’s new LambPlus App

Sheep Ireland’s new LambPlus App

For the past number of months, we have been working hard to develop a user-friendly App that will allow LambPlus breeders to record their lambing information along with weights and health events for animals in their flock. We are very excited about this new phase of data recording and we hope this will make it easier for breeders to performance record their lambs. The aim is that this will act as an electronic version of your lambing notebook.

Our Aim for 2018

While our main aim for 2018 was to use this technology to record all lambing information on our Central Progeny Test (CPT) Flocks. Our objective was to make this App available to all LambPlus flocks in 2019. Due to the positive feedback we have received from selected breeders who have tested this and given us their feedback and due to its success on CPT farms, we are happy to allow LambPlus breeders access it as of now. All the information breeders currently record in their lambing notebook will be available on this App, we would advise breeders to use their notebooks in conjunction with the App when recording their information. The LambPlus App is designed to work on Android and iOS devices and works well on tablets and phones equally. It is not essential to be overly familiar with the website to use this, we would like this to be used by as many breeders as possible regardless of their IT skills.

***Important points to note

This is still in a testing phase so breeders should record information with caution and check the website regularly to ensure that their information is being uploaded correctly.

We would encourage breeders to record their information as normal in their Flock notebook.

Sheep Ireland will not be held responsible if data uploaded through the App is lost.

Lambing information can be recorded offline (no internet connection needed)

We have designed the App in such a way that once the breeder logs in and downloads their flock that they can then go offline and record their lambing information. Meaning they do not need an internet connection to record their lambs or weights on the App. Once they get an internet connection again and log into their account this information will get loaded to the database automatically.

What you need to know

  • At this early stage, it’s only lambing information, weights and health records that can be added via the App.
  • The recording fields will be very like that of the website.
  • The ewe must be present in the flock inventory to record a lambing event to her. Movement of ewes and rams must be done on the website.
  • For a ram to appear as the sire on the lambing page, it is necessary to record your mating’s online on the website or by selecting your ram team. The ram team can be selected by entering the ram’s that were used that season on the mating page.
  • Due to the complexity around ET’s, it is not possible to add an ET lamb through the App, this can only be done on the website.
  • Your username and password will be the same as to that of the website and passwords can only be reset through the website.
  • Bluetooth readers can only be used on android devices as of now, this function is not yet available on iOS devices.
  • Only a certain amount of Bluetooth readers have been tested so far, not all readers will be compatible, as a result it will be necessary to get in touch with us when trying to connect a Bluetooth reader so we can identify if it will work or not.

Eligible Flocks

Flocks will need to meet certain criteria to be eligible to use this App:

  • Flocks will need to be current members of LambPlus.
  • It is essential that flocks that are willing to partake in this test phase record their information as normal in their lambing notebook as well as on the App to ensure we do not miss any vital information.
  • Flocks must have a tablet or a smartphone.
  • Flocks must be willing to engage with Sheep Ireland and give feedback on their experiences with the App. We would encourage breeders to let us know if there is anything that needs to be addressed so that it’s fit for purpose.

Where can I find the LambPlus App?

Go to the PlayStore for android devices or to the App Store for iOS devices and search for ‘LambPlus’. Once downloaded login as normal as you would on the website.

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