Weekly Update: 25/05/18

Ultrasound Muscle and fat Depth Scanning (M&F Scanning)

This week marks the beginning of a busy muscle and fat scanning period for LambPlus breeders in the country. Two of Sheep Ireland’s technicians are currently out scanning some of this seasons lambs, after a successful correlation session two weeks ago.

What is M&F Scanning?

Ultrasound Scanning remains a vital component of the LambPlus performance recording scheme. It is a
common management practice in all the top breed improvement programmes around the world. Measuring the muscle and fat depth in sheep is a reliable indicator of how much meat will be yielded from the carcass when it comes to sending them to the factory. This give sheep farmers a good predicted estimation of what to expect before their animals go to the factory. For more information regarding Ultrasound M&F Scanning and the CRITERIA for implementation follow the following link. 

Where it is taken place

M&F scanning is being conducting all over the country by Michael O’ Neill (Mayo) and James Kelly
(Kildare). One of the technicians can be seen in action today below in a flock in Co. Cork.

Irish Grassland Association (IGA) Sheep Conference and Farm Walk

The IGA Sheep Conference 2018 took place this week on 22nd May in the Horse and Jockey, County
Tipperary. Our very own Kevin Mc Dermott and Eamon Wall represented Sheep Ireland on this successful day which proved to be an informative day for all involved. The day included presentations from Sheep Ireland, Darren Carty (Irish Farmers Journal) and Matthew Blyth, a flock manager from Didling Farms in West Sussex UK. The day was wrapped up with a farm walk on the CPT flock of John Larges, where topics covered included flock performance and breeding along with grassland management and economic performance.

Sheep 2018: Farm to Fork

Sheep 2018 Farm to Fork was launched this week in Athenry by minister Andrew Doyle. Sheep Ireland are proud to be partners in this event along with lots of other industry bodies. It will take place on the 7th July this year in Teagasc Athenry, Co. Galway. For more information followthis link.

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