Breeding Workshop Brideswell, Roscommon Thurs 11th July

Breeding Workshop Brideswell, Roscommon Thurs 11th July

Sheep Ireland in conjunction with Teagasc held our third Sheep Breeding Workshop of 2019 on Thurs 11th July, on the farm of PJ Finnerty in Brideswell, County Roscommon. There was an outstanding turn out at this event with up to 130 attendees, mainly commercial breeders who want to improve the output of their farm through improved breeding practices. The importance of a breeding strategy when sourcing a high index ram hit home with the farmers at this workshop. Sheep Ireland and Teagasc gave presentations on €urostar evaluations and the benefits of using them, how to use the evaluations to promote your farm business, maximising the use of EID, flock health, ewe and ram NCT and bio-Security on the farm.

The event began at 7pm and catered for both pedigree ram breeders and commercial sheep farmers, with tailored material for both groups. See advert below for the full listing of events and topics of discussion that will be taking place.

See some snapshots of the event below.

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