What is RamPlus?

The purpose of this programme is to increase genetic linkage between all the recording flocks within each breeding year and to help further increase the rate of genetic gain within the breed. This year is a pilot/trial with only two breeds (Belclare and Texel) involved and with small numbers, if it is a success and something breeders wish to carry on we would hope to continue this it into the future.

What is genetic Linkage?

Genetic linkage is vital to accurate evaluations as this helps to link the data collected in several flocks to be adjusted by the genetic evaluations and then compared together with greater accuracy. Flocks that record lambs to any of the sires used in the RamPlus scheme will have a high genetic linkage for their 2017 lambs. This will therefore have a positive effect on the average accuracy % of the flock and lead to a reduction in the fluctuation of €uroStar ratings going forward. Flocks with a poor genetic linkage essentially only have within flock evaluations which can cause larger fluctuations from year to year. Find more info here.

How will this be done?

Semen from four rams (Listed below) that are either CPT Sires/son of a CPT Sire have been selected. These rams have lots of commercial data in there evaluations. Semen from these rams is now available at a subsidised rate (€5 per dose), and the cost of AI will be subsidised by €5 also to incentivise uptake.Semen can be will made available to the three largest AI Technicians (Ronan Gallagher, AB Europe and Seamus McGuinness)


The Rams

All rams have high€uroStar evaluations and are from 4 different lines. We would recommend for breeders that take part in the scheme to use a minimum of two rams and ideally to use all four.

ie  3 straws each from the 4 different rams for 12 ewes in order to spread any risk of evaluations moving.

Figart Tony is a Shane McHugh bred ram which is now owned by John Renehan.

Figart Tony

Figart Tony

Foundry Wispa is a Anne Murphy Bred Ram which is now owned by Gerard Delaney.

Foundry Wispa
Foundry Wispa


Castle Warhorse is a Terry Dolan bred and owned ram.

Foundry Wisconson is a Anne Murphy bred and owned ram.

Foundry Wisconson

Foundry Wisconson

If breeders are interested in using some semen from any of the rams listed above please call us on 1850 601 901.