Sheep Ireland LambPlus Event Timeline

What and When to Record

  • Signing up –by December 1st each year
  • Inventory completion/update – Getting all animal details onto the Sheep Ireland Database – December 1st deadline also

Performance Recording

  • Mating
  • Pregnancy
  • Lambing – Record Birth Weights, Lambing Difficulty, Ewe Mothering Ability, Ewe Milkability, Lamb Vigour, Lamb Deaths and any other relevant event information outlined below– Embryo Transfer, Lamb Fostering and Bottle Reared Lambs (pets).
  • 40 Day weight (20 – 65 days of age)
  • Weaning weight (66 – 120 days of age)
  • Ultrasound scanning and weight (121 – 180 days)
  • Animal movements – Factory Sales – Carcase information and reason for sale as well as the date the animal moved
  • Animal movements – Off Farm Sales – Reason for sale as well as the date the animal moved
  • Animal movements – Deaths – Date of death and reason for death
  • Ewe mature weight along with a health inspection – (Prior to mating)
  • Health data (inspections) – Body Condition Scoring, lamness, daginess – incidences of mastitis (females only) and prolapse womb (female only)

More information is available in the LambPlus Guide – all LambPlus breeders receive an updated LambPlus guide containing all recent developments at the beginning of each recording season.

Type of Communication

Upon signing up to the LambPlus service you will have indicated your intention to record by web or a paper service. Where breeders indicate that they will record through the Sheep Ireland web service (electronically), all performance data will be entered on the Sheep Ireland website Sheep Ireland have very few paper breeders, we recommend all new entrants to record electronically.

Where breeders choose the paper & postal based service then Sheep Ireland will provide all necessary recording sheets by post.

All LambPlus breeders are provided with a personal Username & Password to access their flock account on Once logged in, breeders will be able to view the €uroStar evaluations for all their sheep along with a number of useful flock reports.

Event Timeline


The first step is to sign up to LambPlus. The deadline for signing up is December 1st of the relevant year of applying. LambPlus member must submit a sign-up form signed and dated for the relevant year they are signing up. Existing members renewing their membership also must sign a renewal form and date it for the relevant year. Due to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation introduced in Ireland in May 2018, Sheep Ireland need consent from all members (new and existing) of LambPlus every year to abide with these policies. Sheep Ireland will have no choice but to disable any LambPlus accounts that do not send in their signed and dated application form.

Inventory Update

Once breeders sign up it is necessary to provide a full inventory of the ewes and rams currently in the flock. It will be a minimum requirement to provide each animals NSIS tag, and pedigree information. Sheep Ireland host breed society flockbooks which will have the full pedigree information of all sheep in the flockbook. These breeds are using the Sheep Ireland database and Flockbook management system to help in the administration of their society. The breed societies currently availing of these services are: Texel, Belclare, Beltex,  Blue Texel, Charollais, Galway, Vendeen, Rouge, Irish Suffolks.

Breeders of sheep other than the breeds mentioned above will be required to manually submit the details of ewes and rams to Sheep Ireland. Sheets for these details will be forwarded to breeders once sign-up forms are submitted. A copy of pedigree certs can also be sent to Sheep Ireland in these cases.

Performance Recording


All lambing information must be entered into the Sheep Ireland database before April 30th.

For each ewe record:
  • status of non-lambing ewes (barren, aborted, sold, dead)
  • some form of event is required for ALL ewes – sheep not currently in the flock should be marked as sold (on the batch movement screens) or dead (on the inventory screen) – .
  • lambing event must be recorded BEFORE any details of lambs are recorded. Lambing event information includes – Lambing Date, Sire of Lambs, Lambing Difficulty (1-4), Ewe Milk (1 -5), Mothering Ability (1 -5) and the Number of Lambs
  • ET (Embryo Transfer) information where applicable
For each lamb record:
  • birth status (Alive or Dead) – where a lamb was born dead mark as dead on lambing screen. Where an animal was alive at birth and not tagged, a management number should be given to this lamb and then marked as dead on the inventory screen. In the same incidence, where a lamb has been given an official tag number, it needs to be marked as dead on the inventory screen.
  • a society pedigree identity and Department tag number (NSIS)
  • sex
  • birth weight
  • rearing code (fostered, bottle reared etc)
  • management Group (Lambs managed under different conditions should receive different group numbers. For example pet lambs fed by hand (Group 1), lambs suckling and by bottle  Excessive numbers of groups is not advisable.

40 day Weight (20 – 65 days of age)

For each lamb record:
  • weight of lamb
  • weighing date
  • group (if applicable)
  • health inspection

Weaning Weight (66 – 120 days of age)

For each lamb record:
  • weaning weight
  • weaning date
  • group (if applicable)
  • health inspection
For each ewe record:
  • A Ewe mature weight should be taken when lambs are being weighed at weaning time. A health inspection should also be carried out.

Note: for more information on when to weigh your lambs click here

Ultrasound Scanning and Weighing (121 – 180 days of age)

This service is provided by Sheep Ireland for which an additional charge must be paid by the LambPlus breeder. Ultrasound scanning of lambs is currently optional for all LambPlus breeders.

For each scanned lamb record:
  • lamb must be at least 35 kgs in weight
  • loin muscle and of fat depth
  • scanning date
  • weight at the time of scanning
  • group
  • spread the lambs scanned across the different Sire lines used in the flock

*Breeders are send a text in April of every year, in which they must reply Yes, if they want to scan for the relevant year.

*Post weaning weights are strongly encouraged when Ultrasound scanning and weighing has not been carried out.

Animal Moving Records – Use Factory Sales and Off Farm Sales Movement Screens

Factory animals:
  • date animal was sent to factory
  • the factory animals were sent to (where animals sold to butchers – click on other
  • reason for sale to factory
  • click on preview and confirm
Off farm sales (sold at mart or another breeder):
  • date animal sold
  • the mart/designator of breeder animals were sold to
  • reason for sale
  • click on preview and confirm

Ewe Mature Weight

For each ewe record:
  • ideal time is when lambs are being weighed at weaning time
  • before mating recording ewe weight is also recommended (include hoggets at 18 months of age)
  • date of weighing

Animal Death Records

  • must be recorded through inventory screen
  • death date
  • reason for death
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